So, Am I an Author Now?

I wrote a book.  Finally.  It took me 48 years to actually write a book. 

Ever since my middle school years, I’ve been writing – plays, stories, journal entries.  I have a box of nineteen journals that I filled from the age of nine.  Nineteen journals.  Because I had so much to say and just…had to say it.  Even if nobody read it, I had to get it out of my brain and down on paper.  English was always my favorite, “easy A” class in high school.  Advanced English class.  Creative Writing class.  Couldn’t get enough.  In college, my professors loved reading my papers.  “A+, enjoyed reading this paper, brilliant…” It has just always come very naturally to me, writing has.   

As you can probably already see, I don’t follow grammar rules to a T. I write a lot like I talk.  My sentence structure and punctuation aren’t always correct.  Hopefully that doesn’t bother you too much.  It might be a pet peeve for some people, especially fellow writers and authors.  Grammar police.  Please cut me some slack, because you will come to discover that it’s endearing.  It’s real.  Genuine.  Sometimes one-word sentences make a bigger impact than flowery, longer sentences.  You will see a flowery, longer sentence from me once in a while.  But I am a conversationalist and have to write like I talk.  I consider you to be my friend.  Every single person who reads what I write is my friend.   

Because you’re entering into my life. You’re looking into my heart.  You’re letting me share my stories and thoughts with you.  And since there is so, so much content on the Internet and you chose to read mine, you are my friend.   

Thank you for reading my heart.   

The day that my brand new husband, Nick, had his first oncology appointment and we received his prognosis (6 – 18 months), I started taking notes and keeping texts and saving our Caring Bridge posts, because I finally knew what I was going to write a book about. This was going to be an extraordinary journey, and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would write a book about it.  

And I did. 

I want to take a minute here to give a shoutout, if you will.  One of my favorite authors, Susan Branch, has been a tremendous inspiration to me.  Several years ago, I came across one of her cookbooks.  Then I found her blog.  Then another cookbook, and then her dreamy, journal-style book, “A Fine Romance” and it blew my mind.  Most of her books are handwritten and all of them include her endearing watercolor art, which is why I decided to add art pages to “Their Wings Caught the Sun.”

Susan’s books are a feast for the eyes and, thanks to the magic of Twitter, I consider her a personal friend, a true kindred spirit.  She loves all things cozy – recipes, candles, lamplight, snowy nights, kitties, cute mugs…I could go on and on.  My middle name should be cozy.  (I might actually have it legally changed.  Not really, but it would so very cool!)  Thank you, Susan, for putting your beauty out into the world and for being such a pivotal part of why my book is now out there, too!

And thank YOU for visiting my official author website.  

I have an author website! 

God has brought beauty from ashes [Isaiah 61: 3]. 

God has taken a horrific thing and helped me bring glory to Him through it.  

My book is a memoir of our story – the story of what it really felt like to meet my perfect match and then have him taken from me just ten months after our wedding. My book is also a testimony of how He carried me through the most traumatic, unbearable thing in my life – even on the days when I beat my fists in the air and screamed at Him.  

So, I guess I’m an author now.  

I hope you will read my book. I hope you will share my website and my book with your friends and family who are going through the terminal illness of a dearly loved one. Or someone who has been through it. Or someone who desperately needs comfort, healing, and hope.  

Because friend, you are not alone.  

And it does get better. 

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  1. Wendy Kudos to you. I have become your biggest fan just by reading your blog. I want to read your book so bad. Where can I get it here in Singapore. Please please let me know. Or i can get signed copy sent by post. I dont mind paying for it. You are such an inspiration and yes my half sister from a different mother. But your mom i share the same love as my mom. Hugs to you and her. Lots of love. Mdfbwu

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